Mental Health Discrimination

Stigma and discrimination can also worsen someone’s mental health problems, and delay or impede their getting help and treatment, and their recovery. Social isolation, poor housing, unemployment and poverty are all linked to mental ill health. So stigma and discrimination can trap people in a cycle of illness.

Mental illness, stigma & discrimination - Wulf RösslerThe Equality Act 2010 protects disabled people from unfair treatment. This includes many people with a mental illness. If someone has treated you unfairly because of a mental illness that could be discrimination. The Equality Act 2010 explains what a disability is.

Millions of Americans living with mental health conditions lead happy, successful lives. People with very serious mental health and substance abuse problems might have trouble with basic needs, like finding a place to live, a job, or health care.

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The Mental Health (Discrimination) Act 2013 (introduced into Parliament as the Mental Health (Discrimination) (No. 2) Bill) is an Act of Parliament of the United Kingdom introduced to the House of Commons by Gavin Barwell, the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Croydon Central.

People with mental health conditions are treated differently than everyone else. Fear has driven mental health discrimination for 400 years.

The societal outlook on mental illness doesn’t just result in negative stereotyping, as the term “stigma” implies, says Kana Enomoto, principal deputy administrator of the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

If you have depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or another mental health condition, you are protected against discrimination and harassment at work because of your condition…

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Living With A Mental Health Condition; Succeeding at Work; … Stigma and stereotypes can also lead to discrimination. There are laws in place that protect you from discrimination and unfair practices on the job. Protection Against Discrimination. The Americans with Disabilities Act …

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