What Is Mandated Treatment

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treatment voluntarily and those who are. cion levels from mild suggestions to. coerced or mandated to enter treatment. What types of treatment are now given to DUI offenders, and how effective are they? In attempts to answer these ques­ tions, a statistical technique called meta­ analysis was used…

What is "Mandatory" or "Coercive" Treatment? "The literature is sloppy in terminology, so that words such as 'coerced,' 'mandated,' 'compulsory,' and 'criminal justice,' 'involuntary,' and 'legal pressure' are used interchangeably, but they are actually not synonymous," Dr Farabee said.

Treatment Methods. Whether mandated or voluntary, treatment for a substance use disorder seeks to first stabilize the individual and then works to provide the necessary tools for reintegrating a healthier and more whole individual successfully into society.

Often, the criminal justice system can apply legal pressure to encourage offenders to participate in drug abuse treatment; or treatment can be mandated through a drug court or as a condition of pretrial release, probation, or parole.

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Sometimes people with addiction are mandated to complete a substance abuse program. This usually occurs after they have been convicted of DWI or been found guilty of drug possession or when an employment agency recommends …

The terms mandated treatment and coercion often are used interchangeably (Farabee et al. 1998). Mandated treatment is accompanied by “threats of legal consequences if individuals refuse to comply with a referral to treatment” (polcin and greenfield 2003, p. …

When individuals are mandated, it is very hard to convince them of why they belong in treatment. What makes it worse is that for the person in treatment, it feels like a waste of time, and he or she may resent the time spent in a counseling session, which interferes with the person's daily routine.

Mandatory treatment is defined as “treatment ordered, motivated, or supervised under the criminal justice system.” 1 Going beyond the more common drug court approaches that offer a person charged with a crime the choice of treatment instead of incarceration, several US states mandate that people …

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…on the severity of a person's addiction, and authorities say mandated treatment is effective. What are drug courts? What Happens if You Violate Court-Ordered Treatment?

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