Depression And Addictions

Dual Diagnosis: Depression and Addiction. … Addictions progress in their debilitating effects and begin to erode one’s resiliency and sense of well-being.

There are many forms of depression and in combination with substance abuse, unique treatment plans using a mix of therapies and medications are needed.

Depression and addiction affect a significant portion of Americans. Data shows that roughly 6.7 percent of American adults experience at least one major depressive episode per year, while…

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The co-occurrence of depression and addiction is not unusual. Many people experience both illnesses at the same time because they feed on each other.

Depression and addiction tend to come hand in hand — what doctors call comorbidity. Are depression and addiction inextricably related, or is that too easy?

Treatment, therapy and medication for depression can help most and save many. But sometimes, despite mighty efforts, there is no Hollywood ending. Psychology Today.

Learn the symptoms of depression, how depression can lead to addiction and more here. If you are struggling with depression and addiction, contact us today.

Both depression and addiction can cause a person to As with many other prescription medications, antidepressants may be addictive.

When an individual has both depression and an addiction, it is called a Dual Diagnosis. dual diagnoses that include depressive disorders are among the most common forms of the problem; in…

Depression and addiction: the connection. Mount Sinai School of Medicine explains that while addiction is fairly complex, “it is, at its core, a …

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Depression and Addiction it may be difficult to tell which caused what. Depression is a clinical term, therefore we do not offer this discussion as the definitive description of depression…

Depression and internet addiction is a hot topic in the scientific community. Another study suggests poor sleep quality due to excessive web use may worsen some depressive symptoms.

Depression and internet addiction discussion. As noted with other addictive disorders, our findings suggest that increased levels of depression are associated with those who become…

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